cloud solutions

We develop cloud solutions with AWS

DevOps as a Service

Transform your organization into an Elite Performer

Apply DevOps from day 1, safely and 100% managed by Caleidos. Get industry's best practices.

Accelerate time to market

We increase the speed of delivery of new functionalities, adding value in a shorter time, impacting on a better customer experience.

Quick recovery from errors

Faster recovery from errors or incidents, reducing:

  • Cost of downtime in the operation.
  • Human cost when solving errors or incidents.

Improve team productivity and efficiency

Operational tasks are reduced or eliminated. It is automated and gives visibility of the process, reducing % of downtime and reprocesses.

Cloud Journey

Boost your business agility with modern applications

Migrate and transform your legacy applications to make them agile and generate value for your business.

WAF Assesments

Modernization Strategy

Continuous improvement

Cloud migration and modernization


Create Custom Journeys

Automate your communication channels and increase customer satisfaction, paying only for what you use.

Optimize time to market

Optimization and automation of processes for agile customer service.

Increase customer satisfaction

The client gets a quick and effective response to their needs.

Reduces operating costs

Only pay for what you use, with a minimal fee.

Improve productivity and efficiency

Operational tasks are reduced or eliminated.

Communicate with your customers through the channel of their choice

Data Engineering

Process large volumes of data faster and easily

Build large-scale data applications and solutions with AWS data and analytics services.

Data Movement

Data migration and streaming

Data Lake Infraestructure

Cloud infraestructure
Data Catalog & ETL

Data Analytics

Data WareHouse (Amazon Redshift)
Serverless Data Processing
Big Data Processing
Real Time Analytics

Data Visualization & Machine Learning

(Amazon Quicksight & ad-hoc)
Predictive Analytics
(Amazon Sagemaker)

Machine Learning/AI

Create smart applications that power what you can do today

Increase customer satisfaction

Surprise your users with incredible experiences that exceed their expectations and anticipate their needs.

Reduce operating costs

Automate tasks and execute them on a large scale efficiently.

Expand your skills

Use the power of machines to expand what is humanly possible and gain competitive advantages.

Agile Teams

Add value to your business with innovative solutions

Develop solutions with best practices based on innovation:
- Design Thinking
- Ux Design
- Service Design
- Lean

Agile Methodology

Quickly adds value to the business

Modern Architecture

Using scalable services.

Good practices

Delivering a stable and quality code.

DevOps practices

Automate the Development and Operation process.

Let's start transforming your business

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